About The SSA Youth Summit

Why the need to hold the Youth Summit?

Since May, the SSA Youth Division has been preparing for a Youth Summit on 25 and 26 August 2018 at Our Tampines Hub!

Amidst the multi-faceted and fast-paced environment in the world at large today, it is easy for one to be swept along the waves of change and be disillusioned when face with differing views and challenges. In addition, feelings of despair, mistrust and negativities are quick to breed, and corresponding inaction and/or counter actions more often than not, arose.

Sensing these to be growing eminent threats to the social fabric of our multi-racial and multi-religious society, the SSA Youth Division members have embarked on the initiative to hold a youth gathering base on the theme of “Choose Hope ~ Embracing Diversity, Empowering Lives”. This endeavour is borne out of the wish to inspire in another fellow youth, the importance of choosing hope whilst taking proactive actions to transcend differences and one’s own negativities to break down mistrust and inertia, thereby contributing to a resilient and cohesive society.

Through this Youth Summit, these leaders of tomorrow will come together to celebrate diversity and promote the harmonious coexistence of all race and religions, as we work on transforming our own smaller selves and lead lives of positive contributions to the society.

What is the Youth Summit?

The Youth Summit is a platform to promote in youth, the ownership of issues facing oneself and the society,
and take positive actions to contribute to the society to make a difference.

Culminating over the weekend of 25 and 26 August, the Youth Summit key event will be packed with sharing of personal efforts
and inspiring cultural performances that falls within three segments
Hope, Life and Peace.

Why hold the Youth Summit? Why should I join?

SGI President Ikeda often encourages youth to challenge themselves to move forward. He says,

“There is hope even amid adversity.
Or rather, only when tested by adversity can hope shine with true strength.
All too often untested hope is nothing but a fantasy.”


The Youth Summit is a platform to enable youth to discover their potential and grow as a person through interaction with others. This is not just a cultural performance. Preparations towards the Youth Summit are also not just mere trainings. They are part of a hope-filled journey where participants can find the key to triumph over the challenges in life or create a better self through Buddhist faith, practice and study, which will be incorporated in the trainings.

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